What is this site?

This site is created to introduce people to Bitcoin.
We are distributing tiny fractions for free so people can see how it works and how amazing it is.

Where can I get Bitcoin address?

You can get Bitcoin address instantly from RushWallet.
Don't forget to bookmark your wallet link!

How often can I get Bitcoins?

You can get 1 bounty per 1 hour.

When is it sent?

Sent every 7 days to all users who accumulated
minimum 0.00005640 BTC and executed payment.

Last payment March 18, 12:17 UTC (5 days ago).

How to send stored balance?

Uncheck checkbox on main page on next request or use "Check address" page to scheudle withdrawal.

Do you have referral program?

Yes. See "Tell your friends!" section.

General information

Dispense per request Up to 0.00000346 BTC
Dispense frequency Every 1 hour
Minimum payout 0.00005640 BTC
Payout frequency Every 7 days (weekends)
Last payout March 18, 12:17 UTC (5 days ago).

Something else?

Database cleanup

To maintain clean database, unused addresses (no requests in 1 month) with unsent coins will be deleted.

Anti-abuse system

If proxy, VPN, Tor or suspicious endpoint is detected then dispense is dramatically reduced. Please do not abuse the system.

Polite Note: Please do not click any ad on this site if you are not interested in its content, your dispense is not affected by it!

We do not endorse the product, service, or company, nor any of the claims made by banner ads in this website.
Please do your own due diligence before purchasing any of the products or services advertised here.